Development of a supporting ecosystem for innovation development

Support and creation
of solutions

Development of
human resources

Supporting ecosystem implies work on community development interested in innovations that have impact on the community, the development of strategic partnerships inside and outside the WB region, and inputs in the development of adequate policies and regulations.

The Upbeat Hub will work on creating its own products based on the application of innovative working methods and using Blockchain technology as well as products that support the development of various forms of innovation in the field of management solution, social and circular economy.

The Upbeat team will be dedicated to supporting the development and prototyping of business ideas and their scaling up through collaboration with other stakeholders.

Personnel education for innovation development, use of Blockchain technology, and support to stakeholders through trained human resources will be one of the pillars of Hub’s work.

Who are we

A team consists of social Innovators with 20+ years’ experience and blockchain coding pioneers with a strong help of IT all-rounders and professional economics and advertisers. We gathered in order to make the best possible environment for local Innovators/Coders/Various IT engineers improve their skills in our innovation school or follow our forums, workshops or meetups.

Our Team