Aivo Orav, Delegation EU to Montenegro, Ambassador
Dr Sanja Damjanovic, Minister of science of Montenegro
Mr. Gjergj Murra, Western Balkans Fund, Executive Director
Roshii (Ben Moataz) Ravencoin Dev, Zaytech Chief Technology Officer, former Clover POS dev and Stibits co-founder. 
H.E. Alison Kemp, British Ambassador in Montenegro
Monika Nagore, Young Foundation
Miroslav Mijatov – Smart office Vienna/Belgrade

Ben Moataz

RavenCoin – A Peer to Peer Electronic System for the Creation and Transfer of Assets

Rachel Collier

Young Social Innovators (YSI)

Ivan Jolicic

Bitcoin – The Internet of Money ©Andreas M. Antonopoulos​

Gianluca Pastorelli

Impact of social entrepreneurs on community development

Julie Munk

Focus on social innovation ecosystem building

Emelie Dahlstrom

Co-founder of Sweden’s first clothing library Lånegardeoben

Adis Muminovic

How to develop new Start-up during engineering?

Isaac Stanley

International innovation team Nesta