Invitation for the movie projection

UpBeat Hub is pleased to invite to the projection of the documentary, Education for
Revolution 4.0. The movie projection is scheduled for Thursday May 16, starting at 7pm, in
the garden of ADP Zid office, Gojko Radonjic 32.

This movie talks about the role of education in the 21st century and it premiered in Niš in
March this year. According to the author, the movie is actually a tool that they want to spark
a discussion about the 4.0 Revolution with the goal of bringing education back to where it
belongs. To the top of the pyramid!

The 4.0 Revolution Education documentary is the product of the Connecting Career
Development and Youth Entrepreneurship production, promoted through the Caravan
Education for the Revolution 4.0 activity supported by individuals, Silicon Mountains
Network and Infostud and ADP ZID from Montenegro who donated money through
Indiegogo Platforms.

Our current education system was founded 350 years ago and then adapted to the needs of the
so-called 1.0 Industrial Revolution more than 150 years ago. However, the economy has
since transformed amazingly, while our education system has remained the same. The
industries that dominate our economy today did not exist just 5 or 10 years ago.

The profits of companies around the world are increasing rapidly, but the paradox is that
unemployment is also rising. The problem is that schools are still “serving” knowledge,
testing students over and over again! They simply do not produce enough innovators and

Education that prioritizes skills such as creativity, entrepreneurship, critical thinking and
problem solving, collaboration, communication will almost certainly produce responsible
citizens and a more innovative and adaptable population.

This film seeks to document initiatives, educational leaders, and educators trying to adapt the
formal education system to the knowledge and data economy. One of the goals is to inspire
change so we can all prepare our children together for a future that is already here.

The entrance to the projection of the movie is open to all, first of all parents, teachers, but
also students and other interested parties, after which a short workshop will be held with
attendees on the role of education in the present day, and its compatibility with technology

Due to the limited number of places you need to confirm your arrival by May 15, by email at
Best regards,
The UpBeat Hub team