The Upbeat Hub concept is based on three segments:

  • Development of a supporting ecosystem for innovation development;
  • Support and creation of solutions;
  • Development of human resources.

Supporting ecosystem implies work on community development interested in innovations that have impact on the community, the development of strategic partnerships inside and outside the WB region, and inputs in the development of adequate policies and regulations.

The Upbeat Hub will work on creating its own products based on the application of innovative working methods and using Blockchain technology as well as products that support the development of various forms of innovation in the field of management solution, social and circular economy.

The Upbeat team will be dedicated to supporting the development and prototyping of business ideas and their scaling up through collaboration with other stakeholders.

Personnel education for innovation development, use of Blockchain technology, and support to stakeholders through trained human resources will be one of the pillars of Hub’s work.

We are

A team consists of social Innovators with 20+ years’ experience and blockchain coding pioneers with a strong help of IT all-rounders and professional economics and advertisers.

We gathered in order to make the best possible environment for local Innovators/Coders/Various IT engineers improve their skills in our innovation school or follow our forums, workshops or meetups.

Our Team

Igor Milošević

Developer and Strategic Partnerships

Founder of ADP-Zid with over 30 years of experience working through the non-profit sector. 

One of the initiators and coordinators of the regional network Citisens’ Pact for South East Europe, the founder of the magazine Zid, the President of the Association of Printed Media in Montenegro and the founder of
the Housing network.

He worked as the Program Manager in USAID / ORT Montenegro, and he was also
a member of CDEJ – the CoE body of the Council of Europe (CoE).

Trainer and mentor for the development of social innovations and services and
the initiator of the “YouSEE” – Western Balkan platform for social innovations in
the field of employment.

Currently the Program developer in ADP-Zid

Ivan Joličić

Blockchain solution & coding team leader

International brands CEO with long term experience in telecommunications 

and international markets, as well as passionate crypto currencies researcher and blockchain pioneer. Ivan is one of the Montenegro Blockchain Foundation founders, too.

Draženka Laketić

Social network & marketing

Freelancer interested in making some impact starting with small steps. Young enterpreneur,

constantly learning how to use new technologies to make the world a better place. Founder of one of the biggest Instagram communities based in Montenegro that are promoting our natural beauties. With more then 35k followers @insta_montenegro after three years became a famous brand world wide spreaded. 

Part of Upbeat Hub from Podgorica – a way to gather all the interests together. In love with writing and nowdays working on a first book.

Vukašin Rakočević

Modeling & new generation

Young innovator with a bachelor degree in Law. Despite that, he is a self-thought engineer

and in accordance to that his love are innovations, engineering and technology. Your passion are willing to transfer on younger generation. 

Working as a lab engineer at the Faculty of Polytechnics, leading all the projects and events related to 3D: printing, modelling and scanning. Part of the UP beat HUB team.

Predrag Ristić

Coding Team

Savo Lekić

Coding Team

Regional Team

Deniz Hoti

Social designer, Entrepreneur, Youth leader

Executive Director of Connecting – Career Development and Youth Entrepreneurship Organization;

With more than 9 years of experience in the civil sector in Serbia as a consultant in the areas of public advocacy, social innovation and fundraising; 

Awarded expert for designig an educational program “When I grow up …” (II place at the national competition of good practices in the field of career guidance and counseling in 2017 – Euroguidance Center Serbia). 

He worked as a trainer with children and young people, adults, institutions, primary and secondary schools, CSOs, cultural institutions and companies. Together with them, he designed a learning experience for more than 1,500 people from 12 different countries. In his free time, he works on starting organizations and social businesses. He is the founder of Connecting. 

He is in love with Design Thinking and knows how to make a beer.

Marija Mihajloska Jankulovska

Business developer, Outsourcing, Social entrepreneurship and Innovation

Her academic background involves Specialization in economic diplomacy,

BA diploma in Business Communication in English, Master’s degree candidacy in
Economic diplomacy as well as numerous national and international academies,
training, seminars and conferences.

Over 7 years’ experience as national consultant in the fields of entrepreneurship
and business concepts; over 4 years international experience within Risalat
Consultants international, working on challenging international projects in
developing and delivering training curricula: Leadership in the future investments training program; Over 4 years successful partnership with Certiport
– national license holder for conducting training and certification in MOS for
Microsoft office specialists.

Extensive experience in the PR Department in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

Valmir Xhemajli

Social entrepreneurship, information technology

He has a bachelor degree in business and entrepreneurship and is currently enrolled in master’s program on Managing Information Systems. 

He has over 6 years’ experience in information technology, and over 2 years on social innovation and social entrepreneurship. He works in LENS, a non-governmental
organization where he leads the accelerator program for social enterprises. 

He has a strong determination on working with the local community and finding
ways for small social enterprises to achieve their positive impact in society.

Branislav Trudić

Youth work, Capacity building and Strategic Development

Work as a coordinator for capacity building and strategic development of Centre for culture and education from Sonta since 2016.

Active in civil society sector for
10 years now, with broad experience in projects and programmes based on
social education, human rights and youth work. Certified programme coordinator
in youth work by National Association of Youth Workers of Serbia (NAPOR) and
human resource manager by Business Academy, Serbia.

President and Co-founder of the organization Urban Regenerative Sustainability
Center, Novi Sad,Serbia.

Dragan Miljković

Social work, Social entrepreneurship, Co-working

Sociologist and a Master of social work. 17 years of experience and activism in
civil society. Consultant in the field of social entrepreneurship.

The founder and fundraiser of the Co-working space “Deli” in Niš.

Milan Vračar

Culture and social science innovation; Activism

Milan Vračar is an activist and entrepreneur, involved in many international
projects and initiating many innovative initiatives,

mainly in domain of cuture
and social sciences. He collaborated with many institutions such as Austrian
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Council of Europe, etc. He was coordinating a
candidacy of Novi Sad for European Cultural Capital.

In 2017th, he became Co-founder of independent Cultural Centre and coworking

Milan Babić

Entrepreneur and Program manager

Young and vary motivated person. Have family business – CEO of Lumber Land Consulting International. He is Co-founder and innovation manager in Leaf Les MS. In same time he is Program coordinator in Deli co-working space.