Invitation to participate

If you love and are willing to take on the challenges of finding solutions to specific
community issues, take this unique opportunity and apply to attend the Innovation School,
which will be held from October 27 to November 3 at the Sidro Hotel in Bar, Montenegro.

The primary goal of the school is for young people with different interests and skills to
improve their knowledge and learn how to innovate in relation to the need of the community,
find solutions to particular community problems and contribute to youth employment, using
blockchain technology and web applications as a tool for realizing ideas and solutions.

The school is intended for three groups of participants:

People with basic programming knowledge – regardless of the programming language they

To young people with knowledge of web programming and design,
social activists and youth workers

The school is designed so that students, through practical and theoretical work, gain basic
knowledge of how to develop a concept and idea for solving a community problem. In
addition, each of the groups of participants will have workshops in the area of ​​their interest in
which they will acquire new applicable knowledge from professionals in their fields.

Developers will gain additional knowledge of different blockchain concepts, coding mining
scripts, learning about different blockchain platforms, blockchain programming, coin coding
and decentralized applications …

Web designers will gain additional knowledge about creating and designing web and mobile

Social activists and youth workers will participate in co-creative workshops and learn more
about business canvas models, how to leverage new technologies in applying their

After the Innovation School, there will be a two-day Socialthon – a competition where teams
formed by the students will work on solutions, which will be presented at a public event.
Invaluable experience, knowledge gained, community connections gained and a positive
impact on the community are enough motives to apply.

Apply via the link:

The application deadline is: September 28th. With the application, you need to submit a letter
of motivation in which you will present a summary of the acquired knowledge and system
according to the group you are applying for.

You can get all the information by email at
In front of the organizer,
Igor Milosevic
Program developer