What is I2Space?

I2Space is a socially innovative space, with an online extension, where people share their interests in technology, have meetings, work on their projects and learn from each other. Such a space will be established in Podgorica, where a dynamic community will be created, which will encourage the exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills between young people.

This invitation opens the door to the unique opportunity to be a part of the I2Space community, where young people like you, with interests in prototype development and start-ups, can come together to work on solutions, sharing ideas, equipment and knowledge.

Startup is like tango

Aj tu budi

  • Equipped space for use
  • Mentoring support in prototype development and start-up ideas
  • Training program for supporting skills in business
  • Online courses as a continuation of support to the training program
  • Participation in networking events and themed meet-ups organized by I2Space

Aj tu svrati

  • Opportunity to test and improve your knowledge (coding, digital marketing, photography, graphic design, 3D printing, electronics, etc.) in a practical way
  • On-demand advisory and logistical support
  • Ability to connect from different fields in the direction of developing a common business idea
  • Use of teaching equipment and materials and their utilization in the development of ideas
  • Supporting the development of cooperation with third parties

Who is I2Space for?

If you are young, have an idea you want to develop, whether you are a high school student, a student or something else, maybe this is the story for you

If you are sometimes lethargic about the challenges ahead and looking for a place to reach your potential without needing a “connection”, I2Space opens the door for you

Fill out the application form and take a peek at I2Space